psRefer is basically a topsites script with a twist. Rather than generate the whole page, it lets you embed a small list of your referers into the page. You can customize the HTML that is generated, and choose how many referers to list.

v2.0 now allows you to use a cookie to allow a hit to count only once in a specified period and will reset every so many seconds. You can set it to reset daily, weekly, or even monthly.

As of v3.6, you no longer have to specify action=hit. v3.61 now counts outgoing hits also. In your HTML templates, link to:

You can also include #%OUT%# in your templates to show the outgoing hit count.

To embed the list in the page:
<script language="JavaScript" src="/cgi-bin/psrefer.cgi"></script>

To embed a list of members 5 - 10:
<script language="JavaScript" src="/cgi-bin/psrefer.cgi?start=5&end=10"></script>

Other sites link to:

To redirect to different locations:


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