This script is intended for those of you who need the functionality of the SSI #INCLUDE command. It lets you make templates in predefined directory, and include them in your pages, much like the SSI #INCLUDE. You can use variables in the template by putting #%VAR%# and filling in the values in the URL like shown below.

To include header.html into a page:
<script language="JavaScript" src="/cgi-bin/psinclude.cgi?template=header.html"></script>

To include a file, and fill in the variable #%TITLE%#:
<script language="JavaScript" src="/cgi-bin/psinclude.cgi?template=header.html&TITLE=

(Note: Varible names are case sensitive, and +'s must be used in place of spaces)


psInclude 1.4.1 765b Initial public release
psInclude 1.4.2 1.3k Critial security vulnerability fixed