Bochs for Windows (Win32)

The bochs homepage now has builds for windows so I will put up files that I find usefull in running bochs in a windows environment.


bvm.reg 898b If you play with bochs like I do, then you end up having 10 disk images with various os's installed on them. Rather than opening the command line and running bochs with the -f option, I decided to rename my bochsrc files to things like Gentoo-Linux.bvm. I then associated .bvm files to run bochs when they are double clicked. Download bvm.reg and edit it to match your path to bochs.exe, then double click on it to import into the registry.
bochs-2.2.6-x86-64.exe 1.3mb Bochs 2.2.6 with x86-64 support, sse/sse2, mmx, and 3DNow!
bochs-20060611-x86-64.exe 1.4mb Bochs CVS-2006-06-11 with x86-64 support, sse1/2/3/4, mmx, and 3DNow!

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