Bochs-RFB is an addition to Bochs, the x86 emulator. It allows you to connect to an emulated OS over a network using the RFB protcol used in VNC. This project was inspired by BlueNexus. His original idea was for ISP's to provide the operating system of your choice over high speed internet connections. Thus, all you would need is a simple 386 with a special client to connect to the server and get screen info.

Now, obviously an emulated OS will not run as fast as one running nativly. For people who don't need to use multiple OS's at the same time, a multi-boot configuration would be more efficient. Bochs-RFB is meant for people who need to run multiple OS's at the same time and don't have the desk space for multiple monitors and keyboards. I guess there are more uses for it, let your imagination run wild. Maybe someone will pick it up and set up a servers like WorkSpot.Com, only providing other OS's besides Linux.


Dec 03, 2002
I have neglected to update this page. Bochs-RFB is now included in the Bochs source code. All future updates will be added to the bochs CVS.

Jan 22, 2001
Bochs-RFB works with Plex86! After some code tweaking and fixes, it works! I have not released the new version that compiles with Plex86 yet, but it will be out soon. ScreenShot

Aug 02, 2000
Just to let you know this project isnt dead. I don't put as much time into it as I used to. Mainly, I have other things to do also. I am noticing that Keyboard events and mouse events are handled slowly, and some get dropped. I may end up borrowing the Keyboard code from the Win32 GUI code. I have been consulting the Bochs and Plex86 mailing lists for ideas for better mouse support. If anyone else decides they want to do some work on this, grab the code and have at it. Just please let me know what you come up with.

June 15, 2000
I noticed a small bug that caused Bochs to crash. It has to do with a bad habbit of mine of switching height and width. Its fixed. Still working on Mouse support. Redid keyboard processing so that the keys arent translated twice (X -> BX -> System), now it translates strait to system codes (X -> System).

Jun 06, 2000
I got Bochs-RFB working on Linux. Basic mouse handling is there, but it doesn't work real great. I still have a lot of other things to implement yet, but I'm getting there.

June 01, 2000
I am working on better ways to handle sending screen updates to the client. I think im pretty close to getting this working. It was just handled by the interval requests of the client for a screen refresh. I also plan to start working on mouse support later today, after I'm done with mouse support I will release v0.03a.

May 28, 2000
I just released a new version. Version 0.02 now translates the color pallet to BGR233 Pixel format. Graphic updates and text look normal now.


Bochs-RFB now compiles on Linux also. It needs to be linked with -lpthread, I will not get into details on linking, as this release is still meant for developers, and they should know how.


Bochs-RFB 0.01a 16k Initial released.
Bochs-RFB 0.02a 16k Fixed bugs.
Bochs-RFB 0.03a 17k Fixed bugs and stuff.
Bochs-RFB 0.04a 17k Fixed more bugs and stuff.

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