Apache::Queue is an HTTP file queueing system. It allow visitors to 'line up' to download files. When all download slots are full, the visitor will be placed in queue. The page will refresh every few minutes to update their place in line, or download the file when ready.


perl Makefile.PL
make install


<Directory "/usr/local/apache/htdocs/files">
  SetHandler perl-script
  PerlHandler Apache::Queue
  # the size of the queue (default: 300)
  PerlSetVar QueueSize 300
  # how many simultanious file transfers
  # before queueing (default: 10)
  PerlSetVar MaxSends 10
  # Location of queue files (default: /tmp)
  # This path must be writable by the Apache
  # process
  PerlSetVar QueuePath /tmp
  # Location of customized templates if needed
  # Do not set this if you wish to use the internal templates
  # Templates are process by Template-Toolkit, see
  # http://www.template-toolkit.org for docs
  # There are 4 template files needed.
  #  queue_send.html     - The "Your download should start..." page
  #  queue_sending.html  - Notifys the visitor of an existing download
  #  queue_position.html - Page used while a user is inline
  #  queue_full.html     - Tells the queue is full
  # View the defaults in the module for samples
  PerlSetVar TemplatePath /usr/local/apache/templates


Apache-Queue-0.1.tar.gz 3.4k Initial Release
Apache-Queue-0.2.tar.gz 3.6k Added test scripts during install. Added QueuePath option to support more OS's, and multiple queues
Apache-Queue-0.3.tar.gz 3.9k Fixed some more install bugs, the cpan guys are thorough.
Apache-Queue-0.3.1.tar.gz 3.9k Bug fix release for Apache 1.3.x
Apache-Queue-0.4.tar.gz 3.9k Updated for mod_perl 2.x
Apache-Queue-0.5.tar.gz 3.9k Fixed a bug in the send queue.
Apache-Queue-0.6.tar.gz 4.0k Updated to use remote IP instead of remote hostname that might not always be available.